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25422 Trabuco Rd #105-342

Lake Forest, CA 92630

949 639 9102

2009 15minute challenge abandoned air show airacobra airplane airshow american civil war amphibian animal antelope arch architecture ardeidae armor auto show automobile automotive avenger b17 b25 back yard bamboo band barn barnacles baseball bathroom beach beard bed bedroom bell bench bicycle bird birdofprey black and white black crowned night heron blue blue angels blue hour blue sky boat boeing book border collie boulder bouzuoki box bridge buddha building burned bw c47 cactus cadillac california canadair canadian snowbirds canal candles cane cannons canon car cat catalina cemetary chain chainlink chair cheetah church cigar city civil war civil war days civil war reenactors clouds cobweb commercial concrete consolidated contrails crane cross cruising for a cure ct114 cultural event dana point tall ship festival dappled sunlight dauntless dead den desert digital rebel xti dive bomber dog door douglas dublin 4 duck duesenberg easter rebellion egret eldorado elephant engine eos 400d event exposure blending exterior f18 f22 f4f fallen tree female fence fenians fiddle field fighter fish eagle fish hawk flipflops flowers flying fortress flying wing full moon fundraiser gardens gears ghost town grass great american irish festival green grumman guiness harbor seal hdr hdr efex pro historical reenactment hornet horse hot air balloon house huntington beach instrument interior ireland irish music joshua tree kitchen labor day lake lake shrine landscape lightning living room lockheed locomotive machine male man mandolin miramar miramar mcas air show mitchell moon mountain muckenthaler motorcar show music musicians mustang natural light nature navy night north american ocean office orange p38 p51 path peeling paint performance period costumes person photomatix pier pink pirate planes of fame pond portrait poseidon railroad raptor red reenactment reenactors reflection renaissance faire rifle road rocks sagebrush sailing sanitarium scenic second world war shadows sheep ship sign smoke snow station statue still life stream street photography submarine sunrise sunset swan temecula ballon and wine festival the blue and the gray tire track tractor trailer train travel tree truck tufa wagon warehouse water waterfall wildflowers wildlife windmill window winter wolf woman world war ii ww2 wwii yellow
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